Hood Outdoors – Opening in South Haven

Hood Outdoors was born out of Harvey Hood’s passion for fishing and hunting. Also, the need for a sporting goods store that would provide for fisherman and archers alike was heavy in the South Haven area. But no more… Hood Outdoors will open on April 1st. No, this is not an April Fools joke!

The opening will be soft… this means that we will not be fully stocked and construction will continue in some areas of the facilities. However, we will be able to begin to meet the needs of our local customers. We ask that you are patient with us as we continue to build our inventory and services. We will have a grand opening in early summer. By that time, we will be more prepared to provide for all the needs of our customers.

A little about our store and staff… Harvey Hood lives locally in Grand Junction. His wife is a teacher for South Haven Schools. He is an avid fisherman and hunter. He is on the pro-staff for Martin Archery.

You will also regularly see Jean Jenks and Christy Case in the store. Both are also local residents (Grand Junction area). They will be available to answer your questions and take your recommendations as we continue to prepare the store for the grand opening.

Here at the store, we will focus on increasing archery sports in the local schools and with area men and women. We have a passion for getting youth involved in hunting and fishing. This will become more evident as time passes. We are open to ideas to continue this mission.

Thank you to all who have stopped to encourage us so far. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

See you next month!

2 thoughts on “Hood Outdoors – Opening in South Haven

  1. Tracy K. says:

    My Mom and I stopped in to check out this new outdoor store. Let’s just say we both were impressed with what they are offering for services and products. Plus, I have to admit I love the fact that they are providing things for the outdoor women and girls in our area unlike the chain stores.

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