More Than Bait and Tackle

Hood Outdoors is far more than a bait and tackle store. While we enjoy meeting those needs for our customers, we strive to meet our customers’ every need for fishing and archery. We have worked hard to establish connections and bring services that will allow us to do just that.

The owner of Hood Outdoors, Harvey Hood, also owns a charter boat, Rodz N Reelz. For those of you that do not have the opportunity to go out on the big lake, this is a great option for you. South Haven is blessed with many great charter fishing options. We can book your charter on Rodz N Reelz in our store or over the phone. If we don’t have something that will work for you, we have the names and numbers of several other charter options here in SoHa.

Through a partnership with CTS Welding, a highly sought after welding company for custom boatwork and home decor, we are offering marine welding services from repairs to custom arches and more. Chris at CTS built Rodz N Reelz’s hardtop and prepared Rodz N Reelz to be a great trolling vessel. So, we know first hand how amazing his work is. You can now request a quote from CTS Welding directly on our website.

We also decided we wanted to meet our customers’ marine electronics needs. Not only do we offer Si-Tex equipment, but we also offer installation and repair of a variety of marine electronics systems. You can now request a quote on our website for marine electronics work.

As boaters ourselves (all of us are), we know that you would much rather enjoy the time you have on your boat than spend all of your time cleaning it. And yet, our boats just don’t keep clean on their own. For that reason, we are now offering cleaning and detailing services. We will customize to fit your needs. Request a quote online now and we can start cleaning right away.

Finally, we know not everyone is a boater but you must be either a boater or an archer, right?! Ha, ha. Seriously though, we know all the archers in the area are patiently (or maybe not so patiently) awaiting the opening of our ranges. The indoor range is in process now. We hope to have all the paperwork we need from the township by the end of this week and have already begun to move forward with changes to the space to accommodate the new use.

Our archery sales section will have many more options by our Grand Opening on Saturday. We have stock coming in very consistently for our archery section now. New bows are arriving (2018 models are seriously discounted), accessories and arrows are increasing in stock exponentially on a daily basis. Our work bench is ready for repairs. We are looking forward to being a haven for archers very soon.

As for the outdoor range… this will take a little more time. We do not anticipate working on the outdoor range until next year. But we have big plans for it and know you will think it was worth the wait.